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Awakening Mind, Opening Heart: Sunday Meditation Practice & Study/Teachings

 Sundays at the Shala:  Afternoon Meditation Practice & Study Group

 "Awakening Mind, Opening Heart:
 the Attitude Transformation Tradition"
This weekly session explores different aspects of meditation practice from those covered in the regular Tuesday evening meetings.
 As usual, we will practice in the Dzogchen tradition of Nyoshul Khenpo Rinpoche and Lama Surya Das.
 We are continuing the new series: Awakening the Mind and Opening the Heart, based on the mind training and attitude transformation teachings of the Tibetan lineage.
 An introduction to these teachings can be found in Lama Surya’s book Awakening the Buddha Within (under Step Two: Right Intentions) at Page 151.
 Each week we will continue examining and practicing these extraordinarily skillful ways of transformation in our lives.

Click here for information - http://www.dzogchenla.org/event-1915846

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